ooh baby baby, baby baby!


2 great people (k — 1 great and the other is terry) made a baby!

she is stinking adorable.


(also happy anniversary to my bffs2g!)

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when you forget your falafel* it’s the worst




having something cool to bring for lunch is the best feeling in the world!

realizing you left that cool food at home is one of the worst!

it rates right up there with: stepping in something wet when wearing socks.


*not a euphemism

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some valentine’s day advice for the mens

the other day at the grocery store

i saw a heart shaped box full of shrimp!

man it made me so happy.

if you really want to make your lady swoon,

skip the chocolates and get her scrimp.

(but still do the flowers. you gotta do the flowers!)



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video games + pizza = everything


if video games & pizza is a crime

then i’m guilty as charged!

lock me up, throw away the key.

p.s. thanks to my internet pal & cocoa fan, nick!

he gave me the inspirado for this comic.

do you have a idea for a picture? gimme!!!!

four years ago today: cocoa wants a pet lobster please

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age is just a number or whatever

whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa

it’s been a minute since cocoa’s updated around here!

i definitely miss drawling pictures for you,

but you know sometimes life gets in the way

and picture-drawling goes on the back burner.

aside from the holidays which are always hectic,

i’ve been working hard for the money,

eating all the candy,

preparing for einstein’s upcoming surgery,

keeping j’s wig on straight,

having an existential crisis of my own,

and then i was in a car accident!

(don’t worry i’m fine, but the car = broken forever.)

hopefully now that i’ve gotten some things settled

i can get back to posting my drawlings on the regular!

anyway!! without further ado:


age is just a number especially when you are hung over

a hang over blows at any age!

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even j-shaped worms got germs


i am real good at finding j-shaped stuff.

i’ve seen a j-shaped noodle in my spaghetti,

stick on the sidewalk,

string i found on the bathroom floor,

tons of stuff.

but actual j drew the line when i brought home a dried up worm.

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birthday celebrating still chugging along

yeah my birthday was monday,

but we’re still going FULL STEAM AHEAD like there’s no tomorrow

(and like today is still my birthday)


♫ goin’ off the rails on a birthday train ♫

next stop: a mini-vacy in palm springs.

see yall back here next week!

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three years ago today: for cocoa’s birthday, j gifted rock band!

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cocoa’s vehicular dreams

i drive a truck.

it’s big, especially compared to me.

i’m sure it’s real funny to see me hoisting myself up in there,

or climbing out of it,

still — strangers are always asking me the same dang question:



a girl can dream!

and this one dreams BIG.


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