cocoa j, other stuff that cocoa likes

i really hope that’s his official job title

i know all the dogs in the neighborhood


they are my pals

& i know their people when i see them

nothing gets by me!


cocoa j

my neighbor gets jealous when i talk to other neighbors

i have a lot of crazy neighbors.
mostly old ladies who like to tell me about stuff.
one of em gets a little possessive
if she sees me talking to anyone else:



then again, sometimes i am the weird neighbor.

please don’t tell anyone.


cocoa j

now i am under neighborhood watch

sometimes when j and i go for a walk i run away and hide somewhere.

like around a corner, behind a mailbox, up in a tree, under a truck.

cept this last time i was hiding in my neighbor’s bushes.

turns out he was sitting on his front deck

& was real weirded out about me sneaking around in his yard.

i was all

“can we have this conversation later? you’re really blowin up my spot”

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