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chrimas music on the radio, but it’s 75° out

hard to be chrimassy when it’s sprinkler-jumpin weather!

(kinda) one year ago today: why can’t my job be going on vacation?

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don’t try to tell me this is shorts & t-shirt weather

i get cold real easy

(kinda) one year ago today: fun fact: cocoa is j’s haircutter

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weather brought to you by dog news

basically it's gonna be dog-gone hot this week

handcrafted & submitted by our good fran robocopter.

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the weather was pretty, now it’s doodie-esque

dear sun, if you come back i promise i'll be good this time

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it’s cold outside, you gotta keep warm somehows!

you don't wanna catch a cold, do ya?!

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a puddle can entertain cocoa for a few minutes*


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