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if you don’t wanna know, don’t ask!


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things just got real… TOO real


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valid questions slash life’s mysteries

when there is a car that is full of a buncha stuff
you gotta wonder:


we may never know.

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einstein DGAF about rules

there are some rules we got about beds:

einstein can sleep on top of the duvet

but NOT on the pillows or sheets

aka lava


i’ll give you one wild guess

where he always parks his butt for a snooze.



if you guessed “on the lava”

you’re 1000000000% correct.

if you guessed “on the part he is allowed to”

then you are givin einstein way too much credit.

thanks for playing!


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one of life’s many mysteries:


seriously why the heck is there a raisin on the floor?

i don’t even have any raisins,

i barely even like raisins!

we may never know the answer.

it’s one of life’s mysteries.

right up there with:

where do babies come from?

how does the sun know when to rise?

when is the neighbor going to take down his christmas lights?

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sometimes i am dumb



to answer your question it was like a lil chihuahua corgi mix.

those are called chigis!


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