calli, cocoa j

it is what it is



welp, one thing’s for true is

callsi keeps it the realest.

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cocoa j, einstein & chloe

einstein is the worst driver, actually



even if you are a mega terrible driver,

einstein is worse!

he doesn’t even have a license

& he can’t even reach the peddles or see over the steering wheel.


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cocoa j

i am well known in my apartment building

the other day when i was out, i ran into a lady who apparently lives in my building.

wow, way to put me on the spot, but…
yes, the answer is yes.

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cocoa j

i only go to parties for the food

i thought someone said there was gonna be pizza which is the only raisin i came in the first place

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cocoa j

that sounds bout right

i never leave the house without a sackfulla home made cookies

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cocoa j

when people be actin a fool:

sometimes you gotta set people straight by screamin at their face

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