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if you don’t wanna know, don’t ask!


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when you forget your falafel* it’s the worst




having something cool to bring for lunch is the best feeling in the world!

realizing you left that cool food at home is one of the worst!

it rates right up there with: stepping in something wet when wearing socks.


*not a euphemism

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sometimes i am dumb



to answer your question it was like a lil chihuahua corgi mix.

those are called chigis!


(kinda) one year ago today: my pockets are usually filled with jelly beans*

three years ago today: do it right or don’t do it at all!

four years ago today: toast toasting toast!

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cocoa is birthdayed out, yall

sunday was my birthday

& we celebrated the whole dang weekend.

now i think i’m gonna take a nap

until next year.


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j’s phone broke. this is zackly how it happened:

one year ago today: the countdown begins!

& just for fun…

(kinda) one year ago today: THIS IS COCOA’S 600TH POST!!!!!1

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i am bad at eating shrimp

i have been a vegetarian for a long long time.

but recently i started eating fish occasionally like sushi and stuff.

i’m still new to the world of sea food,

so when my brother convinced me to order the fried shrimp, i did a bad job

one year ago today: cocoa exercise: chasing the ice cream truck

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