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when it comes to t-give i have zero self control



i’m pregnant with a food baby

actually i think it’s twins

(i went for seconds)


two years ago today: speaking of candy joo-ree — ATOMIC DOG

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chloe hearts meatballs

our furbaby chloe is not doing so hot.

but the good news is, the vet says she can eat whatever she wants.

turns out, chloe wants meatballs

so she’s been eating the hell out of em!

she even dreams bout meatballs:

in fact chloe is either eating meatballs

or wondering when she’s gonna eat meatballs again.

she got meatballs on the brain.

this is us IRL:

this is us in chloe vision:

i dunno, i think i look pretty good with a meatball head!

(kinda) one year ago today: j likes to wake up early; cocoa does not

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cocoa likes the wien truck

there’s a truck here in LA that has the best hotdogs you could ever axe for.

they even got veggie ones

which is perfect for a cocoa who doesn’t eat any meat.

the first time i ever had a wien hot dog, i actually ate two

then i jumped around in a bounce house and got real pukey

after that j & i split another one!

they’re that good.

one year ago today: einstein likes to oversee housework

and just because: one day j & cocoa are gonna jetpack off this planet

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cocoa doesn’t know meats, alt: sometimes j revokes cocoa’s talking priveledges

one year ago today: halloween: that’s when you getta dress up like somethin/someone you’re not

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FACT: crab legs don’t have eyes

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didja know, cocoa is a vegetarian

i don't even know what a paramecium is anyway!

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