einstein & chloe

einstein’s gettin a new ticker!

today einstein is getting heart surgery!


after our chloe girl went to feast at the all-u-can-eat buffet in the sky,

ein’s heart started actin mega wonky.

the vet says he basically has a broken heart!

i know, i know:

that’s basically the sweetest saddest thing anyone’s ever heard

in the whole history of sweet sad things.

after the surgery he’s supposed to be 100%.

except j says that ein is still gonna be a lil derpy.

there’s no surgery to fix that.


keep your fingers crossed that the surgery is successful, will ya?

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cocoa j, frads

fradley has never been sun burned before!

you're not missin out on anythin, i promise!

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cocoa j

pizza + chocolate milk = gurgly stomach

how do two delicious things go so very badly together?
cocoa j

cocoa’s food pyramid: the four basic food groups

cocoa teaches nutritional classes on tuesdays at thundersen vacational facilities

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cocoa j

once she starts video gamin, she can’t stop

sometimes you needa take some breaks to blink and use the bathroom

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