cocoa j

now we basically have a pet snail

there’s a snail

who lives outside our place.

we named him slimey.


we try to find him every day.

he’s basically like our new pet snail.

slimey is faster and a little greener than the other snails

(those are his cousins, btw)

that’s how we can tell that it’s him.

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cocoa j

when it comes to t-give i have zero self control



i’m pregnant with a food baby

actually i think it’s twins

(i went for seconds)


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cocoa j

cocoa likes the wien truck

there’s a truck here in LA that has the best hotdogs you could ever axe for.

they even got veggie ones

which is perfect for a cocoa who doesn’t eat any meat.

the first time i ever had a wien hot dog, i actually ate two

then i jumped around in a bounce house and got real pukey

after that j & i split another one!

they’re that good.

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