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i got cake day fever: 3 birthdays in one day

today i know THREE PEOPLE with birthdays

i know what you’re thinking — how did i get to be so lucky?

i ask myself that all the time.

first, there’s joy

she’s my grandma. the best one there is, actually.

next there’s stephie L.

she was my make up artist for miss california

and now we are good friends

lastly there’s terry

he is… um, how do i say this? he’s terry.

happy birthday to each of you!!

i bet there’s at least a half dozen other people with a birthday today as well…

so happy birthday to you too!

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to my bffs2g on her wedding day

today my best friend forever since 2nd grade is getting married

what you can’t see is me, just out of shot.

i am real bad at weddings. i always cry. HARD.

alright — i’ll show you, but it ain’t pretty.

see? embarrassing.

congratulations morgan & elizabeth!!

i love you both & i’ll try to be on my best behavior today.

well, until the reception… that’s when i’m gonna go balls out.



cocoa j

way to kill #67: poisonous cake

NOTE: i know it seems rude to kill a person on their birthday

but they prolly deserve it, ya know?

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