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a birthday should last all month long and it’s OK if it spills into surrounding months as well

one year ago today: clearly, j is ready to party

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today is j’s birthday!! here are some solid raisins why he is the best/coolest:

he is real funny

plus strong & fast

all kindsa smart

veeery tall!

super nice

and he always wears a baseball cap


one year ago today: cocoa wishes j the happiest birthday

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cocoa’s biggest fan:

if you like cocoa even a fraction as much as j does, TWITTER or FACEBOOK her!

one year ago today: it’s a “yaaa ha ha he he heee” kinda laugh

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j gives the best piggy back rides

we only fell the one time!

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j is a man after cocoa’s own ice creamed heart

raisin #732 of why cocoa thinks so highly of j.

one year ago today: the first plank in cocoa’s political platform

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mistletoe: easy way to trick j into kissing all the time

cocoa loves the holidays for this particular raisin!

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TYPICAL! j spoils cocoa with nice thangs

candy is the fanciest kinda jewerly

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until last week, cocoa never touched a ceiling before!

j helps cocoa's life long dreams come true, such as touchin the ceilin for once!

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