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annnnnnd i found a spider in my boot

i love my cowboy boots!

unfortunately, the weather does not really allow me to wear em often.

but today i dug em outta the back of the closet and put em on.

then i clopped around my apartment, walked einstein down the street,

came back inside and took off my boots.

that’s when a spider fell out.

now i’m gonna do the only thing a person can do in this situation:

spend the rest of my day curled up in a ball,

rocking back and forth

and quietly humming to myself

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terry catches a cocoa-schmetterling

terry is the #1 bug fan.

thanks terry for the inspirado

& for NOT squashing me like a bug.

if you got an idea for a cocoa comic, tell me bout it!

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also, bug related: oh shucks, cocoa hates bugs in her hair

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dangit, i just destroyed an entire village

i will never forgive myself for this

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i have not managed to catch a butterfly yet

those suckers are fast

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the least screamy bug situation ever

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chad is a fellow snail lover

you can tell a person is a good person if they even care bout snails

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