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when a legume dies & goes to heaven:


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age is just a number or whatever

whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa

it’s been a minute since cocoa’s updated around here!

i definitely miss drawling pictures for you,

but you know sometimes life gets in the way

and picture-drawling goes on the back burner.

aside from the holidays which are always hectic,

i’ve been working hard for the money,

eating all the candy,

preparing for einstein’s upcoming surgery,

keeping j’s wig on straight,

having an existential crisis of my own,

and then i was in a car accident!

(don’t worry i’m fine, but the car = broken forever.)

hopefully now that i’ve gotten some things settled

i can get back to posting my drawlings on the regular!

anyway!! without further ado:


age is just a number especially when you are hung over

a hang over blows at any age!

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drawling cocoa by cocoa

here is a cocoa .gif just for you!


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ALSO four years ago today, my cartoon was featured on geekologie:

Cocoa & The Sandersens: Strike 3, Yer Out!


cocoa j, einstein & chloe

meanwhile, in bizarro world:

einstein draws pictures of cocoa


cocoa hates ice cream


wtf bizarro world

y u so crazy?

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other stuff that cocoa likes

welp here is a mouse in a dandelion


i have been real bad about posting pitchers around here.

it’s the holidays, ya know? i’ve been away from my tablet & scanner,

catching up on sleeps, loving friends & family,

and eating until i am in physical pain.

next week i’m gonna get back on my game.

but until then,

here are a coupla photos taken by a photograher named Matt Binstead:

mouse-on-dandelion-scream-OMFG (1)

as you can see, it’s a little mouse who climbed up a dandelion.

mouse-on-dandelion-scream-OMFG (2)

mouse-on-dandelion-scream-OMFG (3)

i guess there’s not much left to say here except maybe


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cocoa j

cocoa is the ultimate kitty sitter

and by ultimate kitty sitter i obviously mean AHHHHHHH!

what i don’t realize is there’s one coming up behind me for a sneak attack!

don’t be fooled by their sweet fluffiness

they have a thirst for human blood

& claws that can make a grown-ass adult cry like a little baby

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