cocoa j

cocoa has a dream job, what is your dream job?

i wanna be a fairy in a bad way*


if you know anyone who’s hiring fairies, let me know!

i meet all the qualifications:

i am pretty teensy,

i like glitter

(which is basically like fairy dust if you think about it),

and YOU KNOW i love magic!

what the heck else does a person need to be a fairy?


so what’s your dream job?!

*or a mermaid

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cocoa j

k sometimes i am not the boss

ok-so-i-am-not-always-the-boss-1 ok-so-i-am-not-always-the-boss-2 ok-so-i-am-not-always-the-boss-3 ok-so-i-am-not-always-the-boss-4

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