cocoa j, graham

i am bad at eating shrimp

i have been a vegetarian for a long long time.

but recently i started eating fish occasionally like sushi and stuff.

i’m still new to the world of sea food,

so when my brother convinced me to order the fried shrimp, i did a bad job

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cocoa j, graham

my brother says i am a bad wingman

i try real hard but i am super terrible bout helping my big brother pick up girls

at least i dint say “brover and sisterrrrr!” like i used to.

see? i try to be good. it’s just that sometimes i forget.

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cocoa j

musta been that 4th shot of tequila…

steve, if you’re reading this: SORRY.

i promise i won’t cut your breaks, so please return my calls, kthx.

let this be a lesson to us all.

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cocoa j

gracefully clumsy or clumsily graceful?

despite how gracefully i fell, i am bleeding out of my ear hole

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