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einstein DGAF about rules

there are some rules we got about beds:

einstein can sleep on top of the duvet

but NOT on the pillows or sheets

aka lava


i’ll give you one wild guess

where he always parks his butt for a snooze.



if you guessed “on the lava”

you’re 1000000000% correct.

if you guessed “on the part he is allowed to”

then you are givin einstein way too much credit.

thanks for playing!


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i think j knows somethin & he’s just not tellin me

yesterday i bought two 1/2 gallons of chocolate milks.

today there are two empty 1/2 gallons of chocolate milks in the recycling bin.

i wonder if he knows he has a chocolate milk mustache

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OK – what did you lil dogs do this time?

they only act real good when they been real bad.

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