cocoa j, seib

seib knows just what to say to make ya feel good



i did not brush my hair before we left.

i do not cave to peer pressure.

unless it’s about, like,

one more scoop of ice cream

or drugs.

jk jk jk



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cocoa j

RUDE: looking a gift pitcher in the mouth

if you haven’t died in a cocoa comic, you haven’t truly lived

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cocoa j

i got hacked, but it was by a kinda funny hacker

guys! recently my twitters got hacked

i received an email from a real nice man who informed me

that i was sending some weirdy spam messages.

i never even sent a DM in my life so i knew i got hacked.

i peeped my outgoing messages and there were tons!

to my own followers, people i follow, and some complete strangers.

but the hacker messages were kinda funny!!

one of them simply said “I’m gonna stab you”

which actually sounds like me…

anyway, here are some of my favorite hacker messages!

okay that last one is clearly not me. i would never eat fat free yogurt!

i like to believe this hacker was trying out their material

and i really think they should take their act on the road!

but seriously no more hacking. that’s just plain rude.

oh and since we’re on the subject, if you don’t already follow me on twitter


who knows maybe you’ll get a kooky DM from me someday!

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cocoa j

now i am under neighborhood watch

sometimes when j and i go for a walk i run away and hide somewhere.

like around a corner, behind a mailbox, up in a tree, under a truck.

cept this last time i was hiding in my neighbor’s bushes.

turns out he was sitting on his front deck

& was real weirded out about me sneaking around in his yard.

i was all

“can we have this conversation later? you’re really blowin up my spot”

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cocoa j

musta been that 4th shot of tequila…

steve, if you’re reading this: SORRY.

i promise i won’t cut your breaks, so please return my calls, kthx.

let this be a lesson to us all.

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cocoa j, einstein & chloe

it’s just part of the chloe experience

annnnd just be glad it wasn’t einstein. his breff is f’real toxic.

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