cocoa j

cocoa world domination

i either wanna be in charge of the planet

or i wanna GTFO of here and live on the moon.

so what’s it gonna be?

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cocoa j, terry

terry catches a cocoa-schmetterling

terry is the #1 bug fan.

thanks terry for the inspirado

& for NOT squashing me like a bug.

if you got an idea for a cocoa comic, tell me bout it!

(kinda) one year ago today: that sounds bout right

also, bug related: oh shucks, cocoa hates bugs in her hair

cocoa j


three years ago today i signed up with wordpress and posted my first pitcher. now look at me — 697 pitchers and counting! thanks to everyone who has supported, encouraged, and threatened me over the years to keep on drawlin. take a sec to peep through the archives and see how far cocoa’s come! she’s nearly a grown ass woman. it’s unbleevable.

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cocoa j, crafty thangs

a peep into cocoa’s workshop:

what you can't see is ein & chloe lying just off-camera, snoring loudly

(kinda) one year ago today: big deal: cocoa lets j try her ice creams