b for bel, cocoa j

from over the hill and far away…

look what i got in the mail:


a t-shirt!

it came from my friend b from b for bel

she lives in australia

which, if you think about it, is very far away!

i mean, unless you live in australia.

b really picked the perfect shirt for me,

i never ever wear pants!

the last time i put on pants

i took them right back off

and put on a dress.


you want a shirt like this?

b’s got a bunch of different cute & funny t-shirts

over at her website


oh you know what?

you should get a ‘no pants’ t-shirt too

then we can be all matchy-matchy twinsies 4 life!!!!1

thanks again b!!

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cocoa j

it’s a week until my birthday & i’m about to explode

trying to contain myself

i love birthdays.

and mines is coming up real fast.

but don’t worry — there’s still time to drop a gift in the mail.

if you’re worried bout what to get me, don’t sweat it!

i’m not picky when it comes to presents.

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b for bel, cocoa j

the .GIFt of fan art for b for bel

b for bel is one my favorite websites.

b lives far away from me, but thanks to the internets we are friends.

that’s why i made her this lil .gif

if you like cocoa, i bet you’d like b for bel. peep it!

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cocoa j

i’mma laundromat n00b

i hadda use the laundromat to do laundry this week.

the lady who owns the place gave me a present for bein a first time customer.

i know you’re wonderin what she gave me…

it’s some kinda stretchy exercise cord thingy.

i’m not positive what it is, the directions are in korean.

but who cares? free shit is free shit is free shit!

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