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cocoa likes PINK nail polish #yayeveryday

my BFFS2G Elle Karel challenged me to try to do #yayeveryday by @TobyILikeCats.

Today’s theme is PINK!

I immediately thought of nail polish because every time I buy nail polish or get my nails done, I have a hard time choosing between all the different pinks.

When I ask someone else to help me narrow down my choices, the response is something along the lines of: “I can’t tell them apart, they all look the same.”


HERE are the daily word prompts for May if you wanna participate.

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TRUTH: i am real bad at the make-up thang

this is like, one of the many raisins why i need my girl Stephie L.

(kinda) one year ago today: j is one of those random impulse buyers

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cocoa the home maker gets all kindsa thangs done

oh yeah an i called your parents for ya, they say hi, and i went ahead and put away your out of season clothes, i threw together a collage of your favorite things, and i actually painted your toe nails, too, while you were sleeping.

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cocoa is the nanny aka fran drescher

cocoa as fran drescher as nanny fine circa 1995

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