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do you love micheladas? i love micheladas

micheladas. they are delicious. I love them.




some people say they can’t get past the thought of drinking clam juice.

I hear you!

I don’t understand you, but I hear you.


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things just got real… TOO real


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happy mardi gras!!


have a fun, safe mardi gras everybody!

get all that bad stuff outta your system,

because starting tomorrow

we gotta be good.

last year on mardi gras: mardi gras! show your teeties, get joo-ree

three years ago today: valentine making can be dangerous

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my resolution is the same every year:

just try to make it until midnight


also, don’t wake up in a cold sweat screaming


baby steps.

happy new year’s everybody!

be safe, has fun, & see ya next yeeeaaaar!

(kinda) one year ago today: hope ever-one had a happy new year

two years ago today: get your party on, but keep thangs classy, k?

three years ago today: new year’s with elizabiff

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seib <3 verrka


i made this pitcher for my fran, seib.

what can i say? he lurrs verrka!

one year ago today: i got some serious crafting in the works

two years ago today: so what if cocoa can fit inside her stocking?

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cheers to amie’s birthday!!

happy birthday, amie! i hope it’s as amiezing as you are!

one year ago today: this is what muh girl amie looks like on her birthday

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