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3 x the birthdays, 3 x the fun!

today i am celebrating the birth of THREE PEOPLE!

the fact that these three people were born on the same day

makes me wonder why the Earth didn’t explode.

first there’s joy, my grandma.

she’s one of my favorite humans.


then there’s stephie!

she is one of those people who is super pretty on the outside

and just as pretty on the inside


lastly there’s terry.

bless his heart.



cocoa j

my resolution is the same every year:

just try to make it until midnight


also, don’t wake up in a cold sweat screaming


baby steps.

happy new year’s everybody!

be safe, has fun, & see ya next yeeeaaaar!

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cocoa j, graham

today is my big brother’s birthday!!

i have a big brother. his name is Graham!

he’s a pretty coo dude.

as you can see i am not getting drinkly.

the best present you can give your big brother

is not embarrassing him in front of all his friends on his birthday.



(i’ll try to be good)

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i got cake day fever: 3 birthdays in one day

today i know THREE PEOPLE with birthdays

i know what you’re thinking — how did i get to be so lucky?

i ask myself that all the time.

first, there’s joy

she’s my grandma. the best one there is, actually.

next there’s stephie L.

she was my make up artist for miss california

and now we are good friends

lastly there’s terry

he is… um, how do i say this? he’s terry.

happy birthday to each of you!!

i bet there’s at least a half dozen other people with a birthday today as well…

so happy birthday to you too!

cocoa j

hope ever-one had a happy new year

new years eve, so much promise

new years day, where are my shoes?

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cocoa j

happy birthday to meeee!

i only get my birthday once a year so i gotta make it count!

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