cocoa j

cocoa likes the wien truck

there’s a truck here in LA that has the best hotdogs you could ever axe for.

they even got veggie ones

which is perfect for a cocoa who doesn’t eat any meat.

the first time i ever had a wien hot dog, i actually ate two

then i jumped around in a bounce house and got real pukey

after that j & i split another one!

they’re that good.

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and just because: one day j & cocoa are gonna jetpack off this planet

cocoa j

outer space seems like real cool & relaxing

i love outer space.

i wish i could go and float around just like in a lazy river

or some other thing that’s floaty & relaxing.

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cocoa’s most ticklish spots revealed

note: please do not use this diagram to your advantage

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cocoa j

the happiest place on earth*

*cept when there are screaming babies next to you, which is always

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calli, cocoa j, graham, the fam

graham & calli showed cocoa a barrel roll once…

if you barrel roll, cocoa expects you to continue to barrel roll every time you see her

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