cocoa j

the week is kinda like riding a slide


weeks and slides are basically the same:

the getting to the fun part seems to take so long

and then the fun part is over in an instant!

wtf amirite?


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e, mike, sleepy bear

the weekend… is… so… close…


as you can see i’ve had a real busy week.

i am really ready for the weekend!

is it just me or did it feel like this week reallyyyyy dragged along?

at one point on monday i thought it was wednesday.

just imagine my shock and devastation.

there were tears.

manly tears!

wait, no — little cocoa tears.

total lady tears.


oh, P.S. happy birthday to e, my BFFS2G,

she’s a great time, you would love her.

& to my buddy mike,

he’s a cool dude, you would think he was cool.

& to sleepy bear,

one time he fell asleep while we were all watching a movie

that’s why we call him sleepy bear.

(we’re bad at nicknames.)

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cocoa j

sometimes i get myself too worked up

it's a lil bittersweet

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cocoa j

nothing is keepin me from the park today

this day is a perfect day for a stroll in the park

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cocoa j

cocoa resents the day between humpday & friday

when it comes to thursdays, i have a flare for the dramatic

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