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the .GIFt of fan art for b for bel

b for bel is one my favorite websites.

b lives far away from me, but thanks to the internets we are friends.

that’s why i made her this lil .gif

if you like cocoa, i bet you’d like b for bel. peep it!

(kinda) one year ago today: cocoa often ponders sasquatch

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comicbookgirl19 fan arts!

i made this for my friend comicbookgirl19.

peep her videos HERE to learn more bout comics!

personally, i am taking private lessons since i got a lot of catchin up to do.

one year ago today:  there’s nothing like a good parade


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inspired by pablo picasso

one year ago today: hold down the fort: cocoa’s goin a lil weekend trip

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cocoa posted new fan arts for your viewing pleasure!

a cocoa reader made these fancy earrings!

go ahead and peep the fan arts & then send cocoa some of your own!

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