cocoa j

NEWS FLASH: balloon animals are not just for kids

there was a man twisting balloon animals at the park

so of course i hadda get one!

sure i got a few judgey looks from parents when i was standing in line


(i got a balloon sword!)

besides, who ever said balloons are just for kids, anyway?

same goes for ball pits and bounce houses…

why do children get all the cool fun shit?!

cocoa j, j

j ate all of cocoa’s gummy vitamins

when i was outta town j did not feel like making any food for himself

so he just ate all my gummy vitamins

it ain't right

cocoa j

all i wanna do is make the rockin world go round

alternate title: i will use any excuse to not work out.

on the way to the gym I pass at least 6 donut shops. yes, LA’s got a ton of em. more than any other city, in fact! (I actually don’t know that for a fact, but I’m gonna stand by that until someone tells me otherwise.) when I was workin out the other day, I couldn’t stop thinking about all the things I’d rather be doing. like eating donuts for example.

also: sleeping, watching tv, writing a letter to my congressperson, driving my car off a cliff. basically anything that entails not working out. THEN one of the tastiest jams started to play from the gym’s speakers: Queen’s Fat Bottomed Girls.

that’s when i decided to get my shit together and GTFO.

okay — the truth is, I waited until the song was over. THEN I left.


cocoa j

i got carded at the adult toy store

i went to some adult toy shops to find party favors for

my bffs2g’s bachelorette party.

several of these places asked to see my ID.

boy i bet he was real embarrassed when he saw i am of age!

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cocoa j

oh no. i’m goin to jail now, huh?

a lil girl in the neighborhood thinks I am her age :/

why don’t I have the courage to tell her I’m a grown up? maybe if I finally came clean, she would quit with the pizza party invites (I have a hard enough time turning down pizza as it is and I’m running out of excuses).

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cocoa j, frads

i am not a pixel

i am at least 1 pixel wide and 3 pixels tall

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