cocoa j, einstein & chloe

a tribute to chloe margarita joy

this weekend we had to say goodbye to our sweet furbaby chloe.

she was the best dog you could ask for

(even einstein agrees).

sure she was a little bad sometimes

like she would eat my chapstick, lunge at joggers passing by,

or take up the entire bed if you let her.

plus this one time when we were on vacation, she got into my suitcase

and ate a whole bag of dog treats.

but who isn’t a little bad sometimes?


chloe was classy as hell,

she crossed her paws like a lady

and she liked to dress up in my clothes.

einstein loved chloe,

they were best friends.

he would balance on his hind legs and lick her face

and when we’d go for a walk

chloe would follow einstein and pee on the same spot he peed.

it always made me laugh.

she was the perfect shape and size for snuggling.

we did a LOT of snuggling together.

she didn’t really like to be picked up,

but she would let me because she knew how much i liked to do that.

i’m so grateful that I got to be her mom.

i feel really lucky for that.

i miss her a lot.

if you have a pet, give em a little extra love today for chloe.

maybe do a little scratch under the chin

(that was her favorite spot).


i heard somewhere that all dogs go to heaven.

well, they better have an all you can eat buffet up there

because to our chloe girl, that is paradise.

rest in peace, princess

cocoa j

outer space seems like real cool & relaxing

i love outer space.

i wish i could go and float around just like in a lazy river

or some other thing that’s floaty & relaxing.

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