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I’m cheesy AF and I don’t care who knows it


you don’t even know the half of it tbh

4 years ago today: when it comes to t-give i have zero self control

(kinda) 5 years ago today: why can’t my job be going on vacation?

6 years ago today: speaking of candy joo-ree — ATOMIC DOG

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sometimes a person needs a good sassing

but you gotta give em a warning first, it's the rules

one year ago today: cocoa is a karaoke queen

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if you want frans, you gotta act right

one year ago today: why did cocoa have to be in line behind this lady?

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one day terry did not ever get online

don’t you ever do that to us again

one year ago today: today is the beginning of hanukkah!!

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meet the queens of sass

don't try to sass a sasser

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yuck!: the taste of your own medicine

one year ago today: contrary to Einstein’s belief…

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