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way to kill #3: get stabby

ground rules for stabbin someone to death:

ALWAYS stab from the front. the back is just rude and only for the cowardly

one year ago today: cocoa lives her life searchin for 90s sitcom actors

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don't be scurred it's just me!

one year ago today: sadly, you have been misinformed

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coffee is necessary for maintaining sanity

that ain't right!

one year ago today: if ya need to scream bout anythang, call danika

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sometimes you gotta scream at your car

this car been makin me as mad as hell & i'm not going to take it anymore!

one year ago today: some people need sense screamed into their ears

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someone’s got a pink belt in kah-rah-tay

don't worry, he deserved it.

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contrary to Einstein’s belief…

new rule: no more privates on the sofa

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