cocoa j

RUDE: looking a gift pitcher in the mouth

if you haven’t died in a cocoa comic, you haven’t truly lived

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cocoa j

way to kill no. 53: up, up 7 away

just strap em to a rocket, light the fuse and PSSSHHOOOOOW!

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cocoa j

way to kill no. 46: push off a cliff

while they’re plunging to their death they can take in all the scenery.

you’re actually doing them a favor!

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cocoa j

way to kill no. 88: electrocution

the catch is to convince them to take a relaaaaaxing bath.

then toss a toaster in there and  zzzzZZZT!!

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cocoa j

way to kill no 21: the choke out

be sure to choke em till their eyes roll back in their head.

otherwise they will regain consciousness & things get awkward.

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cocoa j

way to kill #67: poisonous cake

NOTE: i know it seems rude to kill a person on their birthday

but they prolly deserve it, ya know?

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