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it’s hump day, do the humpty dance!

wednesday = humpday

it’s only appropriate you do the humpty dance!



♪ do the humpty hump, just watch me do the humpty hump ♪

if you don’t know the humpty dance OR who humpty hump is

here’s a lil video to learn you about such things:

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graham & calli showed cocoa a barrel roll once…

if you barrel roll, cocoa expects you to continue to barrel roll every time you see her

one year ago today: cocoa thinks you’re awesome!

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the dogs think cocoa is crazy when she is dancing

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this is what a bffs2g dance party looks like

cocoa's signature move: pointing with her eyes closed

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today is the beginning of hanukkah!!

you need more than one person to hora, don't make cocoa hora alone

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