cocoa j, einstein & chloe

today einstein is eleven



in honor of his 11th trip around the sun,

let’s look at some of his highlights from the past year:


this is einstein looking cute AF in a people bed



and this is what he looks like in HIS MINIATURE BED



here he is eating a candy cane bone



einstein contemplating life, covered in pillows



from the time he crashed craft night



a company sent me a bag with einstein’s face on it so I put him in the bag, I had no choice




I did not put him in this ikea bag, but here is a picture of him in an ikea bag



a different company sent me a rainbow dick lollipop so this is a photo of him next to a rainbow dick lollipop



einstein on a pile of laundry, looking kind of grumpy, actually!



here he is stuck in the back of the sofa:



einstein in a suitcase because he likes to go on vacation, too!



this is einstein thinking of pizza



this is einstein and a tiny piece of pizza!



and here is the special boy on a motorcycle because he is bad to the bone



who am I kidding? he’s the sweetest little dog angel ever.


einstein & chloe

happy national dog day!


einstein & margaret,
my two little nuggets.

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einstein & chloe

einstein finally sees his reflection:

after 7 and a half years on this planet

and about 7 and a quarter years of me holding a mirror in his face saying


einstein has finally seen his reflection.


except i don’t think he gets it.

(he thinks he’s a person

and i don’t have the heart to break it to him

that he is, in fact, a dog.)

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einstein & chloe

happy 7th birthday einstein!!!!

today is einstein’s birthday!


i can’t believe my little dude is 7 years old.

this is from when i first met him waaay back when:


i couldn’t believe my luck.

ein’s got a lot of quirks
like he’s got a wonky heart
and one of his balls never dropped.
plus he’s a TERRIBLE driver.
but damn he is a real treasure.

i’d bet a buncha money i don’t have
that even the coldestheartedest person
couldn’t help but fall in love with him.

he’s really somethin else.

happy birthday einstein!!

being your dog-mom makes me the luckiest girl in the world.


& i gotta give a shout out to my dog-angel, chloe margarita joy.
she would’ve unofficiallybutofficially turned 13 today.
i miss her a lot.
happy birthday chloe!

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cocoa j, einstein & chloe

a tribute to chloe margarita joy

this weekend we had to say goodbye to our sweet furbaby chloe.

she was the best dog you could ask for

(even einstein agrees).

sure she was a little bad sometimes

like she would eat my chapstick, lunge at joggers passing by,

or take up the entire bed if you let her.

plus this one time when we were on vacation, she got into my suitcase

and ate a whole bag of dog treats.

but who isn’t a little bad sometimes?


chloe was classy as hell,

she crossed her paws like a lady

and she liked to dress up in my clothes.

einstein loved chloe,

they were best friends.

he would balance on his hind legs and lick her face

and when we’d go for a walk

chloe would follow einstein and pee on the same spot he peed.

it always made me laugh.

she was the perfect shape and size for snuggling.

we did a LOT of snuggling together.

she didn’t really like to be picked up,

but she would let me because she knew how much i liked to do that.

i’m so grateful that I got to be her mom.

i feel really lucky for that.

i miss her a lot.

if you have a pet, give em a little extra love today for chloe.

maybe do a little scratch under the chin

(that was her favorite spot).


i heard somewhere that all dogs go to heaven.

well, they better have an all you can eat buffet up there

because to our chloe girl, that is paradise.

rest in peace, princess

einstein & chloe

einstein has a bow-tie for every occasion

this is ein in his t-give attire

hope ever-body had a wonderful thanskgiving! please don’t get trampled at any black friday sales!

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