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welp here is a mouse in a dandelion


i have been real bad about posting pitchers around here.

it’s the holidays, ya know? i’ve been away from my tablet & scanner,

catching up on sleeps, loving friends & family,

and eating until i am in physical pain.

next week i’m gonna get back on my game.

but until then,

here are a coupla photos taken by a photograher named Matt Binstead:

mouse-on-dandelion-scream-OMFG (1)

as you can see, it’s a little mouse who climbed up a dandelion.

mouse-on-dandelion-scream-OMFG (2)

mouse-on-dandelion-scream-OMFG (3)

i guess there’s not much left to say here except maybe


totally related: lady bug + sprinkles = cocoa is screaming right now 


elle karel etsy store is open for business!

yall know all bout my best friend forever since the 2nd grade also known as bffs2g. she likes unicorns and eats candy for breakfast, just like cocoa. now her sweet creations are available on etsy! they’re all printed on 100% post consumer recycled paper, cause she cares about the planet. be an angel an check out her store, Elle Karel EcoArt Designs.

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