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3 x the birthdays, 3 x the fun!

today i am celebrating the birth of THREE PEOPLE!

the fact that these three people were born on the same day

makes me wonder why the Earth didn’t explode.

first there’s joy, my grandma.

she’s one of my favorite humans.


then there’s stephie!

she is one of those people who is super pretty on the outside

and just as pretty on the inside


lastly there’s terry.

bless his heart.



b for bel, cocoa j

from over the hill and far away…

look what i got in the mail:


a t-shirt!

it came from my friend b from b for bel

she lives in australia

which, if you think about it, is very far away!

i mean, unless you live in australia.

b really picked the perfect shirt for me,

i never ever wear pants!

the last time i put on pants

i took them right back off

and put on a dress.


you want a shirt like this?

b’s got a bunch of different cute & funny t-shirts

over at her website


oh you know what?

you should get a ‘no pants’ t-shirt too

then we can be all matchy-matchy twinsies 4 life!!!!1

thanks again b!!

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seib <3 verrka


i made this pitcher for my fran, seib.

what can i say? he lurrs verrka!

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b for bel, cocoa j

peep my guest post at b for bel

member my friend bel from b for bel?

i did a guest post for her & it’s up!

you can find it HERE <– click click click

a little teaser, just for fun:

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cocoa j

cocoa guide to packing for a trip to LA

my girl tiana is coming to visit me in hollywood this week!!!!!!!!!1

can you tell i am excited?

this is a packing list for a visit to Los Angeles.

you don’t gotta bring a ton of junk, just some essentials.

1. flip flops or sandals: unless you want a sock tan.
2. camera: to take pictures of people who look like celebrities.
3. party pants: because we are gonna party hard.
4. sunglasses: to look cool and also because, ya know, the sun is bright.
5. new liver: if you a got a spare liver lying around, bring it just in case.
6. bathing suit: unless you wanna jump in the ocean with your party pants on.
7. telescope: for serious star-stalking, like peepin’ in their windows!
8. you: duhhhhhhh! you’re gonna feel real silly if you forget you.

p.s. happy birthday, tiana!!

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people are serious bout cocoa comics

bout a month ago terry axed if he could be on cocoa likes this.

peep the resulting comic HERE.

i was real shocked at the responses i got

& i just had to share some of the reactions with you:








and of course TERRY

some people just never learn

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