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sometimes i guess you have to choose


what about you?

do you choose CANDY or LOOKING GOOD?

(circle one)

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does not compute: people who don’t like sweets

how does a person NOT like candy?

it’s basically saying that you & your mouth hate being happy.

that makes me real sad.

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NEWS FLASH: balloon animals are not just for kids

there was a man twisting balloon animals at the park

so of course i hadda get one!

sure i got a few judgey looks from parents when i was standing in line


(i got a balloon sword!)

besides, who ever said balloons are just for kids, anyway?

same goes for ball pits and bounce houses…

why do children get all the cool fun shit?!

cocoa j

cocoa exercise: chasing the ice cream truck

where else am i gonna spend my allowance money?

i want one them ninja turtle ice creams with gumball eyes (link contains LOLs)

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cocoa had an interview today:


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what is better than some cotton candy & balloons?

cocoa is notorious for spending all of her allowance money on such things

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