cocoa j

it’s a week until my birthday & i’m about to explode

trying to contain myself

i love birthdays.

and mines is coming up real fast.

but don’t worry — there’s still time to drop a gift in the mail.

if you’re worried bout what to get me, don’t sweat it!

i’m not picky when it comes to presents.

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cocoa j

happy birthday to meeee!

i only get my birthday once a year so i gotta make it count!

one year ago today: today is cocoa’s birthdaaaay!

cocoa j

a birthday should last all month long and it’s OK if it spills into surrounding months as well

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cocoa j, mickookoo, the fam

oh lordy: cocoa’s baby sister turns 15 today

but enough about me -- happy birthday!

one year ago today: it is cocoa’s big-little sister’s birthday!!!