cocoa j

picking what to grow up to be is confusing

when i was real little
i wanted to be a cowgirl when i grew up


but then i grew up a little bit
and realized i wanted to be a ballerina


but i only wanted to be ballerina until
i learned about jane goodall and primates and stuff
then i wanted to be a primate zoologist


now i’m kinda almost grown up
and i’m not even any of those things!

but sometimes i like to put on my cowgirl boots
and my super fancy tutu
and watch some old-timey jane goodall documentaries on vhs

what did you wanna be?!

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cocoa j

NEWS FLASH: balloon animals are not just for kids

there was a man twisting balloon animals at the park

so of course i hadda get one!

sure i got a few judgey looks from parents when i was standing in line


(i got a balloon sword!)

besides, who ever said balloons are just for kids, anyway?

same goes for ball pits and bounce houses…

why do children get all the cool fun shit?!

cocoa j

i only go to parties for the food

i thought someone said there was gonna be pizza which is the only raisin i came in the first place

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cocoa j

oh no. i’m goin to jail now, huh?

a lil girl in the neighborhood thinks I am her age :/

why don’t I have the courage to tell her I’m a grown up? maybe if I finally came clean, she would quit with the pizza party invites (I have a hard enough time turning down pizza as it is and I’m running out of excuses).

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cocoa j

nothing is keepin me from the park today

this day is a perfect day for a stroll in the park

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cocoa j

it’s summer! time to eat off a stick!

note: you don't HAVE to be 10 & in an elementary school cafeteria to enjoy them

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