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cocoa likes this turns 4 & this is the 800th post!


wowie zowie, can you believe it?

cocoa likes this is 4 years old today

AND this is the 800th post.

double whammy!


this coming up year i’m gonna do a site redesign

PLUS open up an etsy shop

so keep your eyes peeled!

k this is my shameless FACEBOOK and TWITTER plug.

long story long, i love drawlin pictures and sharing them with you.

i’m super grateful for all the love, positive feedback,

& encouragement i’ve received

and the friendships i’ve made through this lil website.

i wanna give an extra special thank you to YOOOU

for comin to peep my pictures.

it means a lot!

please except this virtual hug

and use this as an excuse

to take yourself out for some pizza or ice cream!

i love all yall.



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cocoa j

cocoa guide to packing for a trip to LA

my girl tiana is coming to visit me in hollywood this week!!!!!!!!!1

can you tell i am excited?

this is a packing list for a visit to Los Angeles.

you don’t gotta bring a ton of junk, just some essentials.

1. flip flops or sandals: unless you want a sock tan.
2. camera: to take pictures of people who look like celebrities.
3. party pants: because we are gonna party hard.
4. sunglasses: to look cool and also because, ya know, the sun is bright.
5. new liver: if you a got a spare liver lying around, bring it just in case.
6. bathing suit: unless you wanna jump in the ocean with your party pants on.
7. telescope: for serious star-stalking, like peepin’ in their windows!
8. you: duhhhhhhh! you’re gonna feel real silly if you forget you.

p.s. happy birthday, tiana!!

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cocoa j


three years ago today i signed up with wordpress and posted my first pitcher. now look at me — 697 pitchers and counting! thanks to everyone who has supported, encouraged, and threatened me over the years to keep on drawlin. take a sec to peep through the archives and see how far cocoa’s come! she’s nearly a grown ass woman. it’s unbleevable.

follow me on twitters or like me on faceybooks OR get real crazy & do both!

one year ago today: cocoa likes this is 2 years old today!

cocoa j

if you talk about your junky shoes on the internets someone will buy you new ones!

there's nothin like getting new shoes and screaming about it at the top of your lungs