cocoa j

chrimas music on the radio, but it’s 75° out

hard to be chrimassy when it’s sprinkler-jumpin weather!

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elle karel etsy store is open for business!

yall know all bout my best friend forever since the 2nd grade also known as bffs2g. she likes unicorns and eats candy for breakfast, just like cocoa. now her sweet creations are available on etsy! they’re all printed on 100% post consumer recycled paper, cause she cares about the planet. be an angel an check out her store, Elle Karel EcoArt Designs.

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einstein & chloe

einstein has a bow-tie for every occasion

this is ein in his t-give attire

hope ever-body had a wonderful thanskgiving! please don’t get trampled at any black friday sales!

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crafty thangs

speaking of candy joo-ree — ATOMIC DOG

this is a cocoa fan slash kindred spirit who makes fun, kooky jewelry! she got all kindsa cute thangs such as: cake rings, beer earrings, googly eyeball pins, a unicorn necklace perfect for your BFFS2G, et cetera, et cetera.

you can find all her sweet thangs on etsy, HERE. well, check er out already!