cocoa j

cocoa loves october!!!

today is the first of october!

j calls october the gateway month

cause it’s the beginning of the holiday season.

(we love the holidays. as in, we listen to chrimas music before it’s appropriate.)

three things i’m really-really lookin forward to this month:

other things to look forward to:

cooler weather (hopefully!)

hay rides (wheeeeee!)

haunted hay rides (ahhhhhh!)

hot cider (mmmm!)

& basically, because of halloween,

you get to eat candy all month (nom nom nom)


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cocoa j

does not compute: people who don’t like sweets

how does a person NOT like candy?

it’s basically saying that you & your mouth hate being happy.

that makes me real sad.

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cocoa j

cocoa: destroyer of piñatas

if there is one thing i'm good at, it's putting the hurt on a piñata

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cocoa j

cocoa’s food pyramid: the four basic food groups

cocoa teaches nutritional classes on tuesdays at thundersen vacational facilities

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