cocoa j

birthday celebrating still chugging along

yeah my birthday was monday,

but we’re still going FULL STEAM AHEAD like there’s no tomorrow

(and like today is still my birthday)


♫ goin’ off the rails on a birthday train ♫

next stop: a mini-vacy in palm springs.

see yall back here next week!

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cocoa j

cocoa is birthdayed out, yall

sunday was my birthday

& we celebrated the whole dang weekend.

now i think i’m gonna take a nap

until next year.


cocoa j


three years ago today i signed up with wordpress and posted my first pitcher. now look at me — 697 pitchers and counting! thanks to everyone who has supported, encouraged, and threatened me over the years to keep on drawlin. take a sec to peep through the archives and see how far cocoa’s come! she’s nearly a grown ass woman. it’s unbleevable.

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cocoa j

a birthday should last all month long and it’s OK if it spills into surrounding months as well

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