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VIDEO: einstein licking j’s toe for a minute straight

do you want to feel vaguely uncomfortable? it’s your lucky day!

here’s a video of einstein licking j’s foot for about a minute straight.

at first, you’ll be like “aww, that lil guy is only as big as a foot!”

then at about the :20 mark, you’ll be like “why is it still happening?”

by the end you’ll feel like you need to take a shower.

it’s WEIRD!

j hasn’t been able to look ein in the eye ever since.

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muh bad, bro bro:

one year ago today: cocoa looks good in tyson’s big man shoes

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well THIS is embarrasing:

some grody mystery boxers landed in our laundry

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2011 just started an cocoa already stepped in doodie

if people picked up after their dogs THIS WOULDN'T HAVE HAPPENED

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the kinda thang you encounter at Venice Beach:

if you give em $10 he'll swallow the half eaten lollipop found in the gutter

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NOT TRUE: cocoa likes doodie

now ya just gotta walk it off

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