cocoa j, e

great minds think asimilar

sometimes e & i are on the same page.

other times…

not so much.


close enough, right?


cocoa j, e, einstein & chloe

e : cocoa :: george : einstein

e & i have been friends for a long time.

like, 20 years!

but never once did i get to be the taller one.

oh except for that one time i was standing on the roof

and she was on the ground

and okay

i know that doesn’t really even count.


i guess it just makes sense that when she finally got a puppy (george!)

he was already waaaay bigger than einstein will ever be


even with the size difference, einstein is the boss dog.

e : cocoa :: george : einstein


oh, p.s. HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!!!

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cocoa j, frads

i am not a pixel

i am at least 1 pixel wide and 3 pixels tall

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cocoa j

cocoa wears lil cocoa shoes inside of big j shoes

shoes' shoes: perfect for clomping around the house

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