cocoa j, einstein & chloe

apparently dogs can have their own dogs

since we lost chloe girl, einstein has been acting wonky.

so i took him to the vet.

the doctor told me einstein is depressed!

i asked if he needed to go on dog antidepressants,

i don’t think she thought it was funny.

do you know what the heck she prescribed for poor ein’s broken heart?!

she told me that einstein needs a puppy.

i didn’t know a dog could have a dog,

but the idea is really funny to me.


the thing is, having a dog is a big responsibility,

especially if you are a dog!

if i get him a puppy, who is gonna feed it

or take it for a walk & clean up it’s doodie?

if einstein wants a puppy so bad, he needs to prove he can take care of it.


maybe if he gets a job

and starts pulling his weight (~7 pounds) around the house

then i will consider getting him a puppy.

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cocoa j

cocoa is the ultimate kitty sitter

and by ultimate kitty sitter i obviously mean AHHHHHHH!

what i don’t realize is there’s one coming up behind me for a sneak attack!

don’t be fooled by their sweet fluffiness

they have a thirst for human blood

& claws that can make a grown-ass adult cry like a little baby

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cocoa j

i am totally qualified to teach stuffed animals

i know all kindsa stuff

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