cocoa j

age is just a number or whatever

whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa

it’s been a minute since cocoa’s updated around here!

i definitely miss drawling pictures for you,

but you know sometimes life gets in the way

and picture-drawling goes on the back burner.

aside from the holidays which are always hectic,

i’ve been working hard for the money,

eating all the candy,

preparing for einstein’s upcoming surgery,

keeping j’s wig on straight,

having an existential crisis of my own,

and then i was in a car accident!

(don’t worry i’m fine, but the car = broken forever.)

hopefully now that i’ve gotten some things settled

i can get back to posting my drawlings on the regular!

anyway!! without further ado:


age is just a number especially when you are hung over

a hang over blows at any age!

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cocoa j

i am not accident-prone, i am just a BAMF


look, i get real banged up cause i do lots of cool stuff.

like just recently i scaled a 12 foot fence just to prove to the boys that i could.

sure i got pretty scraped up

(needed all kindsa band-aids)

& the whole time i was screaming


(because i was wearing a dress)

but i successfully conquered that fence.

everyone was super impressed

(but mostly glad i did not fall to my death).

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