meet cocoa

Cocoa Likes This! is webcomic is drawn up by Brittany High aka Cocoa.

She is fueled entirely by candy & ice cream.


want to get in contact?

email me at my EMAIL ADDRESS,
facebook me on FACEBOOK,
tweet me on TWITTER,
and instagram me on INSTAGRAM.


11 thoughts on “meet cocoa”

  1. Oh Kelly! This is sooooooo Fantastic. That’s right capital F. I’m wondering about how Cocoa feels about octopus? :)

  2. I stumbled across your page through the superficial a few months ago. You and the superficial guy are the best! And I like that you’re probably friends :) Thanks for being uplifting!

  3. Hi Cocoa! Just wanted to say your blog always adds sunshine to my day! I just saw the apron one and thought, ok, now you really have to write to tell her how much you appreciate what she’s doing, because have you noticed that the most wonderful people always seem to love aprons? :)

    cocoa likes this and the superficial are two sites I read almost every day! And in fact inspired me to recently start my own blog in an area I have something to say about: first-time home buying.

    I extended the same offer to the Superficial writer, but pls let me take you and J out for a drink if you ever find yourself in Williamsburg or VA Beach, VA! And keep up the good work!

    1. thank you Michelle!!! :) I am gonna start peeping your blog. when j & i make it out to VA beach (we love that place), we’ll hit you up and get our drank on!

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