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einstein finally sees his reflection:

after 7 and a half years on this planet

and about 7 and a quarter years of me holding a mirror in his face saying


einstein has finally seen his reflection.


except i don’t think he gets it.

(he thinks he’s a person

and i don’t have the heart to break it to him

that he is, in fact, a dog.)

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we went seashell searching at the beach

last week j and i went on a beach vacation

it was real nice

when we were relaxing in the sun he found me a few seashells

a-pistachio-shell-is-not-a-sea-shell a-pistachio-shell-is-not-a-sea-shell-2 a-pistachio-shell-is-not-a-sea-shell-3 a-pistachio-shell-is-not-a-sea-shell-4

the only seashell i found was a pistachio


on an unrelated note, lemme give a shout out to my best friend, vacation.

oh haiii vacation!

i love you.

please come back.

love, cocoa

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