cocoa j, stephanie, terry, the fam

3 x the birthdays, 3 x the fun!

today i am celebrating the birth of THREE PEOPLE!

the fact that these three people were born on the same day

makes me wonder why the Earth didn’t explode.

first there’s joy, my grandma.

she’s one of my favorite humans.


then there’s stephie!

she is one of those people who is super pretty on the outside

and just as pretty on the inside


lastly there’s terry.

bless his heart.



cocoa j

drawling cocoa by cocoa

here is a cocoa .gif just for you!


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other stuff that cocoa likes

this .gif made me LOL IRL:


dance like nobody’s watching you’re on the 5 oclock news

hope yall are having a great thursday!

cocoa j, e

valid questions slash life’s mysteries

when there is a car that is full of a buncha stuff
you gotta wonder:


we may never know.

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sleepy bear

sleepy bear got married:

my good friend sleepy bear just got married this weekend
it was a super special time, plus lots of fun


congratulations you crazy kids!

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