einstein & chloe

einstein DGAF about rules

there are some rules we got about beds:

einstein can sleep on top of the duvet

but NOT on the pillows or sheets

aka lava


i’ll give you one wild guess

where he always parks his butt for a snooze.



if you guessed “on the lava”

you’re 1000000000% correct.

if you guessed “on the part he is allowed to”

then you are givin einstein way too much credit.

thanks for playing!


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cocoa j, seib

seib knows just what to say to make ya feel good



i did not brush my hair before we left.

i do not cave to peer pressure.

unless it’s about, like,

one more scoop of ice cream

or drugs.

jk jk jk



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cocoa j, einstein & chloe

meanwhile, in bizarro world:

einstein draws pictures of cocoa


cocoa hates ice cream


wtf bizarro world

y u so crazy?

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other stuff that cocoa likes

cocoa SEO: funny google searches part three


it’s that time again!

you know,

when we look at some kooky search terms people have googled

only to end up here at cocoa likes this!

here we goooooo:

puke means

am i too dumb for cocoa  – nooo! but cocoa might be too dumb for you

pizza friends  – are the best kinda friends. i love you pizza MWAH!

choked out eyes rolled back regain consciousness

i am the bagel king 

its hard bein cheesy – it’s easy bein cheesy (see that took no effort at all)

true facts about skittles – reds are the best that’s all you need to know

sometimes i throw up

two aliens on a planet in love – that is BEAUTIFUL

lover bad breath  — :(

how to be and look like a real indian

dinosaur tummyache

i don’t even wear pants  — join the club! we meet on thursdays

how rude you can be – i don’t even wanna know

shogar rash

who drinks a gallon of chocolate milk a day – j does (PROOF)

can you overdose on gummy vitamins – yes a nurse told me that

pizza y u so good – i ask myself this every day

i drink coffee so i don’t kill

death penalty for kids – cocoa is against this 10000000%

nurse cheetos – sounds like a nice lady!

van without candy – is a waste of a van

you can find cocoa SEO part one HERE

and cocoa SEO part two: the pervert edition HERE

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