cocoa j

how scientology won me over:

the other day my girlfran & i went to the scientology centre

to try out their brunch.

i heard their waffles are out of this world!

i know people give scientology a hard time cause like aliens or whatever

but waffles are waffles even if they come from outerspace

and anyway i wanted to decide for myself.


well first of all, everyone was super nice

and the brunch was good.

no waffles were served on this day,

but they did have other stuff like

deviled eggs, shrimp, and pancakes…


but that’s not even the best part.

the best part is, they were having a festival!!

they musta known i was coming

because there were pony rides,


and not one but TWO bounce houses!


i love that stuff!!

boy, they sure got me.

hook, line, & sinker.

i didn’t drink the kool-aid per se

but i sure ate the hell outta that sno-cone.

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